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This week’s entry comes from Derrick Elliot, founder of Inspire To Impact, an organization that inspires ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

This is a powerful statement. If you were to ask a child, “What do he/she wants to be when they get older?” You’ll probably get multiple answers. As we get older, those answers begin to narrow down until finally there is only one left. And I believe that one answer is your dream. If you’re reading this, instead of asking, “What you want to be when you get older,” start today by asking yourself “What am I going to do to reach my dream?” And more importantly, who am I going to do it with?!

Having a dream motivates us to do more, be more, change more – whatever it takes to make the dream a reality. I am a believer that one person can change the world, even if it takes a little while. And, when people, especially Dreamers, work together and become unified that change can happen quickly and much easier. Imagine how better our world would be if dreamers worked together more often. History has shown us the evidence of such cooperation, the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Rights, Education Reform, and here recently with The Hurricane Irma Rescue. When dreamers come together, anything is possible. We create magic through unity. We create solutions through collaboration. We create community in sharing. Nothing is impossible when dreamers work together – even changing the entire world!

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