Somewhere between zero and eight feet tall, full of perspective, purpose, and passion. Standing in front of an assortment of past failures and behind a mysterious future that promises growth, adventure, and fulfillment. Having faith, sometimes fear. Having hope, sometimes disappointment. Having friends, and sometimes loneliness. From a distance, if you pay close attention, you can sense their hunger, the fire that burns inside making them try, and try again. Their heart, wild and fragile. They birth the unknown, praying in pain, trusting that this is all part of God’s plan. Black, white, tan, brown, or any other shade, covered in colors. They struggle. They push. They look different from everyone else, but just like me. Perhaps sitting or standing, reading this. A dreamer looks like you.

Yes! You! Might sound crazy but I believe that you’ve got dreams, and I also believe that deep down inside you want give life to those dreams. It could be your ultimate purpose in your time here on Earth. Until you make steps to become your vision, you won’t look like yourself. You are a dreamer. So if you allow anything, and I mean anything (failure, family, pain, insecurity, fear, uncertainty, lack of resources, opinions, etc.) to stop you from dreaming and building those dreams, you are removing everything about you that is you. Undergoing that type of surgery is a slow, painful decent in the ordinary, inevitably leading to the death of creativity. A life without purpose and true fulfillment. Don’t let your dreams die. Don’t let you die. Look like the dreamer you are! I’m there with you. Dream on dreamer. It looks good on you because it is.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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