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Look around. Yes, You! Look around. What do you see? Now look deeper. Think of all the things you want to do in life. Think of all the ambitions, hopes, and dreams you’re working to accomplish. What do you see? As a dreamer you have in your head what you WANT to see about your passions, desires, or what you love but in reality you see nothing.

Seeing is hard enough in of itself but “not seeing” is a gut wrenching test of  your heart, your mind, your faith, and your will! Can you continue pursuing you dreams blind? How can you believe in something you cannot see? At least not yet. Are your investments of time and money being wasted on a goal unattainable? What the heck am I doing? Why did I think I could do this? Will I ever see anything come of my work? This is what “seeing nothing ” sounds like – uncertainty.

You don’t know if you’re wasting time. You don’t know of this thing you dream of will actually happen. You don’t know anything. Sometimes you feel stupid, empty, frustrated, misunderstood, and the list goes on but here’s some truth go with your reality…

Seeing goes beyond sight. Our eyes aren’t the only tools for seeing. Our hearts have eyes. So do our ideas! Dreamers never see nothing. Dreamers see different. If we fortify ourselves in faith we’ll see more about ourselves and our dreams then we’ve ever imagined. Don’t rely solely on your eyes Dreamer. See something different. Imagine. Work. Push. Create. Don’t give up. One day your eyes will see what your heart has seen all along. You were created to dream and to accomplish those dreams. You will succeed in spite of your challenges. and as you overcome fear and doubt you help other dream and see and live! Keep dreaming. No matter what. See the big picture. Pray for perspective. Dreamers never see nothing. Dreamer see different.


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