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We call them nightmares and right fully so in most cases, but sometimes dreams scare us to challenge us of possibility. What if becomes when or better yet, how? Dreams are a gift from God, the ability itself to even have a dream is something higher than us all. Your dream is bigger than you and will likely involve collaboration with others, faith, trial and error, mistakes, and time. We shouldn’t fear these things. We should embrace them , being confident that our dreams give us purpose, and purpose doesn’t come easy. Many of us are still figuring out what our purpose is. Even still, at different points in our lives those purposes will change, redirect, and grow. Sounds cliche’. (And y’all know how much I hate cliche’ phrases) but …“It’s a process!”. And fear is just a part of it, but only because we allow it to be. We’re going to be afraid, but fear is not a reality, your dreams, however, are real than we think. Hold true to whats real! Embrace the fear and walk right through it focused on the beautiful gift of simply having a dream.


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  1. Seige

    August 10, 2017 at 10:31 PM

    Wow this was a powerful blog! I am a published author, but I have been struggling to finish my second book. I am literally scared to write. Why? Because even though many people were helped by my first book, I sold less than 1,000 copies. But I had many dreams about that book selling thousands of copies and me having the opportunity to speak to thousands of women around the world.

    So now I feel like writing is not my gift and this second book will be more like the first…seen more as a hobby than a gift to bless thousands. Now, however, I want to change my thought life and dream again! I will trust the process and continue writing. Not for fame or glory but simply to share what I’m supposed to share.

    Thanks for the encouragement Dream Designs!


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