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This week’s entry comes from Autem Clay, founder of  I Teach  Like Jesus, an organization that inspires teachers!

Help! Someone else has my dream.  

Hate to break the news, but Disney has it wrong. A dreamis more thana wish yourheart makeswhen you’re sleeping.  It’s the reason why some of us live. Why we work so hard. Why we believewe are hereonthisearth. Our dreams are motivatingin and of themselves, and they energize us in remarkableways. They become our possessions. And sometimes, if we are notwise, they become our sole reason for living. We can sink into the pitfall of comparison and complaining. Looking at the lives of others and adopting the belief that somehow, they are living the dream that belongs to you. 

Have youever felt this way? I have. I’ve caught myself becomingbitter andcynical as I’ve watchedpeople get things Iwanted. ThingsI’ve dreamed of. I’ve sunkeninto deep depressionoverthat idea, angry that someoneelsehad my dream and my dream life. But this idea is a lie and a dangerous one at that. Becauseeven thoughit mayappear that someoneis livinga lifethatI want, my dreams are mine and mine alone. They will manifest in the way they are designedto and contingentuponmy abilityto position myself toaccomplish it, to bring it to life and make it real. 

I have a very specific dream of an organization that supports teachers. It’s a three year old toddler of an organization. In the time since I decided to make this dream real, I’ve watched many peers start organizations that do similar things. I could feel some type of way. I could adopt the belief that they have my dream. But I know this is not the case. The purposes and plans of my organization are unique and it will do what it is designed to do. However, that will only happen IF I keep pouring my energy into the work.  

So stop looking at what others are doing! It’s never about comparing. Your dream is unique and it’s yours and yours alone. No one can take your dream from you but you surely can surrender it to the lies you accept as truth. Don’t do that! Your dream needs you more than you know. 



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  1. Denise Nikki Elliott

    December 26, 2017 at 9:01 AM

    I’ve had a dream for about 10 years now. Started, failed, listened to many others negative words! I didn’t continue in my pursuit and now I see “my dream” being passionately pursued in others! I felt sooo lost until finding my way to this post! I know it was not me randomly scrolling through mutual family members FB posts, although that played part..lol I know God led me here and I know it’s because He wants me to know, the dream and vision He gave me is unique! What others are doing may look the same, but that little extra something, something…He gave only to me


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