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October 2, 2017
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This week’s entry comes from Autem Clay, founder of  I Teach  Like Jesus, an organization that inspires teachers!

Drown In Possibility. Swim In Ideas.

I can’t recall a time when I thought of drowning as a good thing. And while swimming is an amazing sport and recreational activity for some, it’s met with trepidation by others. For dreamers, however, drowning and swimming should become a daily part of life. Let me tell you why.

We know that dreamers dream. But what do they dream about? They imagine things to create and bring dreams to life. I believe that these imaginations and creative gold mines begin when one embraces the idea of drowning in possibility. When we think about possibility, we think about what could happen. We think about what is possible. We think about what has potential. But sometimes we limit our lives by stopping there. Whether it’s fear, overthinking, or general disbelief in our ability, we put the top on the lid of what’s possible. Think about it. Are you limiting yourself?

In addition to diving into the deep end of possibility, dreamers swim in ideas. Consider Thomas Edison. Did you know that he had 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at building the light bulb? When others considered him a failure he replied that he never failed. He was a master of discovery who found things that worked plus thousands that didn’t. There are ideas swimming around in you. Why not swim with them?

Don’t stay in the shallow end of your dreams. Take the plunge and dive into your possibilities. You might even start to swim in waters you once faced with fear. Onward, toward possibilities and ideas.


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