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The process of creating is liberating! No matter what your industry, making something new empowers you. To do this, we yield to the process of creating, which involves more than just bending or breaking. Its requires submission. Here’s how submission is different from bending and breaking. Bending implies compromise or flexibility. When winds blow, trees bend in order to accommodate the wind from a storm. We don’t accommodate for our dreams – we possess them for a specific purpose! And, this purpose is so beautiful that it shouldn’t feel like an accommodation. It should feel like destiny. Something you were meant to do like a treasure being discovered for the first time. It’s exhilarating!

Breaking implies total destruction. Our dreams aren’t given to us to destroy us or to stretch us so far beyond who we are that we collapse and split in two. Your dreams should make you happy and should motivate you toward good things. Your dreams should improve our world whether in your everyday life or on a larger scale of global change. Have you even seen trees after a storm? Often times after bending under the pressure of the wind, the tree is ripped up from its roots and left toppled over on the ground.

This is not our plight. Dreamers don’t break. We submit. Knowing that our lives are in the Lords hands. And whether the wind blows us a little or a lot, we have been given the ability to create. That means in times of trouble, we create peace. In times of fear, we create strength. In times of frustration, we create solutions. Our power lies within and we don’t have to be concerned with the little things because we have purpose and we’re discovering what our purpose is through creating. So today when you’re challenged with life’s wind, create whatever it is you need to remind you of your purpose.

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