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Think of yourself as a verb. We have tons in the english language, but pick one. Any one! Think of the ones you know and pick the one that you identify with most. For me, its dream. Ok. Ok. Don’t give me that look. I know. Typical, being a dreamer and all but that’s the one I identify with the most. And let me tell you, that’s not always a good thing. Of course I’d like to only think of dreaming in a sense of passion, purpose and life’s ambition, but dreaming is also synonymous with being unaware, not present, floating around moving on whims of possible possibles but nothing apparently real. And as much as I’d hate to admit it, I’ve been unaware, not present, and floating around on whims sounds like Heaven to me. So this verb of mine has such duality, I’m sure yours does as well.

This is why its so important to put your words into action, that way other “parts of speech” (adverbs, adjectives, nouns, etc) come full circle to highlight what your “verb” really means. Dreamers Do! That’s right we “do” things so theres no misconception about our intentions, and if there is then our doing helps us become more aware so that we can address it. Take me for example. (Guess I just feel like putting myself out there today, *shrugs*) My verb is dream, and I have tons of them. In fact, I dream every time I close my eyes. Its how I get a lot of my ideas, but many of them have been in my mind so long they’ve gotten a little dust on them. I ask myself all the time, “Why have you not built this dream?”, and “What are you going to do with these ideas?”. This line of mental inquiry usually leads to the same bigger question. WHEN? *fade to black*, *cue up some dark scary chords from horror movies*, *clears throat* Here’s where the bad side of my verb “dream” comes in. I’m usually unaware (keyword) that I’ve not used my time wisely. And why haven’t I? Because I haven’t been present. And if I wasn’t present, where was I? You guessed it! Floating around moving on whims of possible possibles, but nothing apparently real. See what I mean duality. The same verb that connects be with what I do best, connects me with my weaknesses. When I actually “do” my dreams, when I actually “do” my ideas, I’m embracing all the the good and confronting my downfalls simultaneously. And let me tell you, that feels great! Maybe your verb is fight, or talk, or maybe its run. Whatever yours is, look for the duality, and start “doing” so you get some clarity about who you are and how to make you better. Not because Dreamers can, Dreamers Do!


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